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Lian Kee – Bak chor mee with an umami-laden mushroom sauce

One of the popular names that constantly tops lists of the best bak chor mee in town, Lian Kee is no stranger to long queues on the weekend. While there is the option of soup or dry, most people tend to go for the dry version due to the hot weather.

The not-so-secret recipe to their addicting bak chor mee lies in the sauce, which is braised with the minced pork broth and the mushroom sauce in a claypot over charcoal. The never-ending pot is never emptied - instead the lady owner just ladles in more sauce, mushrooms, and broth! There are three different sizes to choose from - $3.50, $4, and $5.

The mushroom and oyster sauce is mixed with lots of vinegar, which gives it a stronger taste than the usual bak chor mee. The highlight of the dish is none other than the thick and chewy mushroom slices full of umami. Other than mushrooms, the bowl of noodles also comes with pork slices, meatballs, fishballs, minced pork, and lettuce (no liver here). The mee pok noodles are firm and springy, and soaks up the thick sauce easily.

You can also opt to only have fishballs or meatballs with your noodles, which still comes with the same signature mushroom sauce.
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